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10 October 2007 @ 09:39 pm
I want holydays NYA~  
Konbanwa Minna san <3

Long time no udpate 8D I've been busy with university ;__; I sometimes wonder if this hellish institution will end up killing me or if I'll be the one burning it! I prefer the second solution though since kyaa it'll be so much pleasure and I'd finally be on holydays *hearts* Well, I guess it's not possible -_- I don't want to go in jail... *thinks* well, free meals + lazyness all day long HERE I COME *jumps*!
I've four horrible freaking exams in exactly 2 weeks and I'm...BEHIND BEHIND AND...*surprise*...BEHIND! I haven't even started to read properly because I always get distratcted by some awesome dramas or announcements 8D 

Hana Kimi is love! I can tell without any doubts it was definetly the best dramas of this year, don't you think? The final made me cry especially during the last 20 mintues with all those farewells! SANO IS MY HEROOOOOOOO <3333 really the way he kissed her at the very end is just too rabu! My heart stopped beating and I prevent myself from breathing during some seconds! Afterwards, she told him "I love you" KYAAA *dies dies dies on her chair* Do you think there will be a SP or a second season? we can tell that another season is possible... it seems everyone is heading to America and since the serie had so much success in Japan, let's hope for the best! Maybe there has been an announcement already but I'm not really up-to-date so let me know if you've heard anything about it!

A little comment about the final of First Kiss now! I've just finished it this evening and it made me feel very genki even though I was a little depressed at some point! You know, when she gave the letter to her brother, I told myself "he has to open it only if she dies RIGHT? let's imagine she doesn't then, what's the point for the producers to introduce this letter in the serie??" ! I got scared that she'd die in the end *stressed* ! PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO ME! I'm glad the surgery went fine and all in all, I find the ending very very beautiful! Inoue Mao is so cute and lovely  <3 I look forward to seeing her again soon *__* the same goes for Yuuta, he kissed her so wildly in the airport <3___<3 If someone ever kisses me this way in an airport, I'll definetly marry the person FOR SURE kyaaa!

I mostly had an heart attack when I read about this yesterday *__*

"On Tuesday, NHK made a cast announcement for next year's taiga drama, "Atsu-hime." The series stars Aoi Miyazaki as the title character.

Popular actress Maki Horikita has been cast as princess Kazunomiya Chikako, the daughter of Emperor Ninko and the sister of Emperor Komei. She was briefly married to Tokugawa Iemochi, the 14th shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate, who is being played by Shota Matsuda."

from tokyograph.com
For more infos about the cast, go


Since I've finished many series lately, I'm looking for others ^__^ If you've anything you'd like to recommend then I'll appreciate it a lot <3

Other random stuff :
- I watched Bokuimo the film! I really liked the manga and since MtasuJun had a lead role, I jumped on it when I saw the subs had been released but I was kinda disappointed ;__; too boring from my point of view ! I wanted more passion *pouts* 

- NEWS' new album and single will be released on NOVEMBER?????? Johnny... I LOVE YOU!! sorry for being so rude and saying you're an insane grandpa LOL I listened to Weeek and it's pure genkiness! Yamapi raps LULZ and Massu has this sweet voice again *dreams* I look forward to listening to their new album YOSHH~

- Two of my LJ friends are going on a trip : siprim  LONDON BABYYYYY 8DD have a nice trip <3 
 chocopico1   JAPAN BABYYY!! Have fun with hot bishies *__*
I'll be waiting for your postcards here *goes kyaaa* 

I guess I've babbled enough already *laughs a little* GAMBATTE everyone <3333 UNIV WON'T EVER BEAT US *makes a placard*

baibai chuuuu ~ 
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onigir1 on October 11th, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC)
I loved the ending of Hana Kimi too! It was great! And it's really odd I liked it since most drama's endings tend to annoy me and be everything I didn't want them to be. But I have to disagree with you on the kiss, I wasn't expecting it, I was really happy it happened, but not happy at all with the actual scene. It seemed forced to me >_< Other than that I loved the episode! Nakatsu's farewell made me cry, ohhh, poor Nakatsu ;___; I'm just sad it ended, I too hope they make a SP or something.

*skips the part about First Kiss since I haven't seen it yet*

You thought Bokuimo was boring? :/ I haven't seen it yet, but really wanted to, since I really liked the OVA, and, well, MatsuJun.

I want NEWS's new album and single like WOAH, I can't wait till I get it in the mail! I only listened to Weeeek once, partly because the quality wasn't all that great and partly because I've listened to the 15 sec clip so many times already I don't want to overplay the song just yet. But I need it. NOW, asjkkkjkldash.

Johnny is still a very demented grandpa to me XD he just knows how to please the fangirls at the right time hey!say!whatever comes to mind XD

And good luck at uni :D Now that you mentioned it, my school really burnt out once, it was really cool when I found out XDDD *cough* Unfortunately it wasn't that big a fire and my class was the only one left intact, so we still had classes while the rest of the corridor were sent elsewhere, I don't think we missed class a single day ;__;
ann-chan: heartsapsharha on October 12th, 2007 07:23 am (UTC)
HANA KIMI's ending was perfect to me! I tend to compare the japanese version with the taiwanese one! I was very disappointed by the taiwanese version (dunno if you've seen it) : they didn't even kiss, nothing happened AT ALL, they didn't say they loved each other...it was LAME!! I know there will be a second season but well...I'll probably skip watching -_-
you didn't like the kiss??? well I was so happy Sano was finally the one taking the initiative that I didn't really notice it was forced! It's a little bad that Mizuki doesn't know how to kiss back properly XD
I'm a little sad for Nakatsu because he's such a nice and funny guy, he deserves to find someone too ;__; Since he's still single in the end, fangirls will keep him 8D

You should try to watch First Kiss! Inoue Mao is in it and the story is pure love, super kawaii and such *&hearts*

Even though, the quality isn't great, I keep listening to weeeek everyday 8D I cannot wait either for both single and album to be released! NOVEMBER COME SOONNNN <333
I'm not as mad as I used to be with Johnny even though I still don't understand why he's so into this Hey!hey!Jump! idea! I'll be the one jumping off a roof if they really debut *dies*

Thanks *hugs* I really wish my univ could be surrounded by flames one day *__* i'll just take pics and post them on my LJ to celebrate XD When ppl set a fire, they have to do it properly! Don't worry, next time, your class will be burnt LOL