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Why,Why, Why??????

Yo minna~

I hope everyone is doing well ^___^ Since we've started school again, it's becoming more and more difficult to get some regular news from all of you!!! I send you all my powers from afar especially for those who're fighting with exams (and want to burn their papers XD)!!

Last week had been...hectic ... Not because of school... The first week is always cool, perfect for lazy ppl like me 8D The teachers kept telling us it was gonna be a difficult year and that we'd be depressed for sure blabla ... -__-...THANKS FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT *throws stones* But all in all, school wasn't too painful this week!
I had some personnal problems *sighs* really, I wonder sometimes how it's possible for some persons to be so mean with ppl they don't even know... Criticizing, blaming... and so on... Really they should look at themself in a mirror once in a while and realize they're not perfect! If you girls find out a single reasonable explanation to forgive this kind of behavior, please let me know! It'll help me A LOTI know I should ignore ppl like this, they're not worth my attention but it still hurts when someone is talking shit about you without any reasons! And it hurts even more when it's also targetting your most precious person ;;__;; Jealousy can really lead to scary extent... I was really hurt and sad at first but now that I think about it, it makes me want to throw up!

Well, i'm feeling so much better now *full of fighting spirits* I've other things to do than taking care of frustrated 16-year-old teenagers BUAHAHA really GET A BRAIN AND THEN COME BACK TO ME ~ thanks a bunch HON <3

I finally followed Mila's advice and listened to Rainie Yang's music *___* I was really a fan of the actress (by the way watch WHY WHY LOVE, this drama is really great in all possible ways <3) but now I'm also a fan of the singer <3333 Her new album is just pure loooove! It makes me feel genki and peaceful!! It's so great to listen to music when everything in your life is a mess! Music really helps ne? thanks a bunch Rainie kyaaaa!! I've decided to share the album with you, maybe you should give it a try! Her vocals aren't amazing but it's really cute and I love listening to chinese music, my new addiction! There are some shiny songs in this know the kind of songs when you've to move your ass and such LOOL Usually, I dislike them but Rainie's are different! I even danced while doing my dishes today (and I didn't broke anything *mad skilzzz here*)! By the way, I only have her last album so if any of you could give me some links to download some other albums/singles, I'll love you forever ^___^

Rainie Yang - Ren Yi Men
01. Lang Lai Le
02. Ren Yi Men
03. Que Yang
04. Jue Jiang
05. Mao Zi Xi Fa
06. Ni Shi Huai Ren
07. Di Er Ge Zi Ji
08. Xing Fu Guo Zi
09. Wan Mei Bi Li
10. Xue Hui

Download here

Before I forgot, maybe I'll do a friends cut and make this journal friends only someday... I was thinking about it yesterday! I'm planning to share personnal thoughts/matters in the future...maybe!
I'll let you know anyway, most likely I'll be too lazy to make a friends only banner XDDDD so it'll stay opened to everyone ^__^

One last thing, Farah is going to Japan in two weeks KYAAAA Have a nice trip honey <333

Bye bye cycle <3

PS : Hana Kimi episode 11 killed my brain!! Too much crack, Toma and shun are too cute and Maki is just too perfect *faints* I'm a little sad this is mostly the end, but we'll get a 2 hours special!! OH GOD let me live until then *prays*
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