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Yukan club <3

When I woke up to study this morning, I couldn't help myself so I opened my lovely computer and I found out that Love Song had released the first episode of Yuukan Club during the night *__*

I couldn't watch right away because I had to download it (=major problem) and I had to read for my exams (=minor problem)! My internet was so slow that I was forced to wait many hours ;__; I did study while waiting but ehh I haven't been too efficient since there are so many informations I've to memorize and my brain is just too slow and lack some proper cells to get everything right away -_- I studied around 7 hours today , how jolly!! *irony* I'm not even half way done *sighs* I started to feel a little worried about whether I'll be able to be ready for those 4 freaking exams next week but well, I decided I was done for today and that I deserved watching a drama 8D

First of all, about this new drama, I didn't know about a major info : HOW COME YOKOYAMA FROM KANJANI8 IS ALSO IN IT????????????? I've only heard about Junno and Jin but when I happened to notice there was another Johnny's, I turned CNJEFIEUHZIHFNIL!! I must be really dumb for not knowing about this earlier *laughs* His character is sooo serious, it's definetly a big change since I'm used to see him fooling around all the time! It must be frustrated for poor Yuu XD
Jin is the same as ever! I turned O__O when I saw him being all emo at the end when the girl is sorta rejecting him! it seems his character is sensible! I sorta like him, especially his style and the doggie is sooo kawaii <3333
Speaking of sensibility, JUNNO IS LOOLING
he's so GAY 8DDD I must admit I felt very disgusted at first but in the end, I was laughing my head off thanks to his looks! I couldn't imagine him being this way before because he's always so lame compared to other KT members XD It can sound a little retarded but who cares, I'll say it and if you want to throw me some potatoes then go ahead... he's the character I prefer ! I'll support blondie Junno from now on 8D Even though, he might make you feel disgusted most of time let's support him XD (I know he'll be better looking with black hair and brown yes but you know, he's more interesting like this XD)!

I wasn't really convinced by this first episode though! I'm afraid about the lack of romance x_x it seems the plot is all about having them solving some problems related to the school! Of course, it's funny at first but i'm afraid I might get bored after some episodes! btw, this is very random, but did you feel they were sorta trying the same as in Hana Kimi somehow? I was thinking some actors were over acting at times O__O Maybe it's only my imagination because I've been completly taken by Toma playing Nakatsu (you know he was overdoing it, obviously, but it was never annoying or bad, always so great *__*)!

Anyway, I'll go on watching and create a Junno fanclub LULZ <3

I return to my books now! bye bye sweeties ^__^
Tags: dramas, jin, junno, school, yuukan club
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