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11 August 2007 @ 03:26 pm
Konnichiwa ^__^

I haven't updated for quite long...and I'm not here to do it *fails* but to say I'll be on hiatus for a while !!
siprim will be coming next Tuesday to visit France so yoshh I'm planning to welcome her properly so that's why I've many things to organize (and since I'm always too lazy to do anything, I've to do it NOW NOW NOW *moves*)!! We'll be busy fangirling and stalking hot japanese guys so I won't be able to upadate this journal properly! I'll be back at the beginning of september but most likely I'll try to comment on your LJs once in a while since noo it's just too difficult to leave you all by yourselves *hugs everyone* how will you survive without me?? XDD WHO'S JUST SAID IT'S GONNA BE HEAVEN??? *throws cookies*


Anyway, take care everyone and don't stalk too much without me <3 I'll be back soon *chuuu*

Bye bye cycle~
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22 July 2007 @ 03:21 pm
Konnichiwa minna san!!

I've finally started to watch some summer doramas *goes happy* I really enjoy them all and I'm gonna go on watching them! I wasn't disappointed a bit by any of them!!!! I fell in love with Mio's personnality in First Kiss !! SO TIME TO MAKE SOME LITTLE REVIEWS *goes happy* 

I'm so hungry!! I'll just barge into the kitchen and eat everything I find XDD I've just one more word to say :

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I've been lazy this week !! THIS IS GREAT XDDDD really it's been so long since I last had so much free time! The weather is so hot in France! I could have gone to the beach or something... basically I wanted to get tanned but well when I expose myself to the sun, I end up burning my poor skin so I've decided to keep being as white as an aspirin tablet *laughs*

That's why I was able to finish some doramas!! *yay*

It was a long entry *laughs* I should learn to update more often XD! Starting from this evening, I'll start watching new doramas : Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (I'm dying to watch for too long LOL), Hotaru no Hikari (because the main character's way of life is MINE LOL) and probably Why Why Love with RAINIE AND MIKE *goes kyaaa*!

Have a nice day minna ^___^ Bai bai <3

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14 July 2007 @ 03:09 pm

Hola minna ^__^

First of all, I'm sorry i didn't comment any of your entries during the week but I have A VERY GOOD REASON so stop throwing tomatos and eat Yamapi cookies in front of me ( ryochan_love I can see TREATOR XD) I was in a japanese convention in Paris and it was GREAT!

The first episode of "First Kiss" had been broadcasted in Japan! I WANT TO WATCH IT AS WELL !!!YUUTA COME TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE *jumps* I WANT SUBS *demonstrates* ahhh I want to watch so many things! Summers are always busy when it comes to doramas! I'll try out "papa to musume no nanokakan" since Shige is playing in it! I always cheer up for a NEWS member *makes a placard GO GO SHIGERU * I've to watch the last four episode of Silence too ! Those has been dying on my HD since hum some months LOOL and since I don't have that much free space on my compu, I must get rid of those videos! SHIT i'll be working like hell next week but I won't be defeated! I'll just spend sleepless night watching doramas to keep up with everything LOOL

It was a very long and random entry *laughs* I think I'm finished right for now! I hope to hear from all of you soon! I hope everyone is genki *sends Yamapi cookies to everyone*

Bye bye cycle~

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02 July 2007 @ 06:31 pm


bye bye cycle ~ *goes to dance somewhere random*

PS : I'd like to tell that Mikio just pwns my soul! *faints* I'm a little sad we didn't get to see him that much in ProDai that's why I'll be promoting "First Kiss" soon along with llorenn  !! Inoue Mao is playing in it as well  *hearts*
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17 June 2007 @ 01:44 pm

YOSHHH today is a lucky day because :

1) The subs for "Why Why Love" episode 1 has finally be realeased *goes to coma* I've been wating for this dorama for sooo long KIYAAA MIKE HE + RAINIE YANG = RABU LOVE ~ I really loved both of them in "Devil Beside You" so I'm expecting so much from this new one! I'm sure I won't be disappointed! I'm currently download the vid but Megaupload is being difficult WTF???!!??? DON'T ANNOY AN EAGER FANGIRL OR YOU'LL JUST DIEEEE *takes her axe*!! For those who're wondering what I'm torking about then go
HERE and you'll find out everything that is needed to know (the download links are over there too ^^) !!

2) Subs for Liar Game episode 9 has been released too *lucky and happy day* since it's raining like whoa outside I'll just make some cocoa and watch doramas during the whole day! I think I'll watch this one at first since Megaupload is making me loosing my nerves right now so I need to calm down LOOL

3) NANA EPISODE 42 COME TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!??!! This is one of the last episode right??? I cannot wait to download! arf compu DON'T DIE I BEG YOU *puppy eyes* this machine has been a little difficult lately! it keeps commiting suicide quite often so I'm a little worried! let's hope for the best ! *prays*

I'm still behind with ProDai, SxS and Bambino! Shit shit, I should hurry or I'll stay behind forever *full of fighting spirits* I'm also planning on watching Long Vacation with Kimura Takuya <3 and considering very seriously watching Hana Kimi <3 Speaking of the taiwanese version makes me think of the japanese one *hearts* 


That's all for today! I'll go to fangirl over hot boys in doramas now *look forward to it* I'd like to babble about other things but I run out of time and this entry is long enough I guess XDD Have a nice day everyone!!

Bye bye cycle~

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15 June 2007 @ 11:34 pm

Ohohohoho...FINALLY BACK HERE! it took longer than I planned (actually two or three times longer XD)!! I killed myself at univ since I've left ;_; this is so lame.... I know... but I couldn't give up and it was worth it since I'm graduated now *goes happy* I really wonder how it's possible since I always read unwillingly for exams but I DID READ anyway so that's why I can come back to my main and prefered business KYAAA I couldn't really keep up about jmusic, I didn't have enough time to watch all the dramas I wanted to check but all in all I've been able to stalk..I mean appreciate hot boys in dramas *___*

I had 4 days of holydays and now I've a summer job -_- I just love killing myself XDD for real I need money like whoa since I WANT TO DO SO MANY THINGS (like travelling to Japan for example)... my pursue is just dying right now... I begged awesome God for money but it didn't work (I've become a non believer since then XD)! but yeah I'll be able to update more than usual! and I'd like to thank people who sent me cute emails to have some news! it made me super happy to hear from you all <3333 so yeah I'll go on with jmusic uploads but it'll be a little more random XD because being random is love!! I'll just share some singles/albums that I'll find GREAT! but really if you need something desperatly, I can help you to find it (I cannot assure I will solve your problem but I'll try my best *full of powers*)!

I'd like to talk about my fandoms too! I stayed too quiet about it before so now I'll just let my inner fangirl squeal so be prepared XD I want to talk about dramas I currently watch! maybe it'll give you some ideas if you don't know what to watch but I warn you *points* my taste is very hum...fangirl-like XD


so YOSHHH my summer will be so busy with watching dramas (and work *optional*)!! I think I babbled a little too much so I'm gonna just say baibai for now but no worries I'll be back soon !!! because I didn't even mention NEWS (WTF?? now it's done *relieved*) and I need to fangirl more over Johnny's XD!! I've missed them so much and WTF Jin is back *cannot keep up with everything* but  I still root for Kame only  *goes rabu*

I'm glad to be finally back *chuuu*  bye bye cycle ~

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13 December 2006 @ 08:56 pm


Just a tiny entry to say that I'll be on hiatus starting from today! I'm not able to stay away from LJ more than 2 days (I'm just too addicted LOL) but I won't upddate my own LJ! i don't know how long it'll last...I'll probably be back after my exams on January but I can't promise anything right now!!
Merry Christmas to everyone and I wish you a happy new year in advance ^__^

08 December 2006 @ 05:08 pm
yeahhh it's been a long time since we last had some JE boys in the top!!! *love love* Mika Nakashima's new single is loooooooooove  *totally addicted* I don't have much time to comment *gomen nasai* I really hope you'll like the new singes ^__^

Kinki Kids - Harmony of December (2006.11.29)
01. Harmony of December
02. kodoku no machikado
03. Nothing but you
04. Harmony of December (Backing Track)

Twenty-fourth single release from KinKi Kids! "Harmony of december" is a ballad about lovers *kawaii* It's
a very mellow single, making a good match for their summer release this year. I must admit that I prefer much more their christmas release from last year but this one is still great!!!

Megaupload Link          Sendspace Link

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07 December 2006 @ 08:07 pm
I've been taged by ryopilover (YOU CHEATER I'll tag you next time buahaha)

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

ahhhh~ only 7 songs??? that's too difficult I'm into 3999999 songs right now LOL!! but let's see here it is :

#1. Mr Children - Shirushi ---> this song is wonderful..same goes for the drama "14 sai no haha" I advise everyone to take a look *prepare tons of handkerchiefs too*
#2. Kaggra - Utakata ---> I wasn't into Kaggra's music before but now I'm totally addicted.
#3. Nightmare - The world ---> because death note is looove !!
#4. Orange range - Sayonara
#5. Remioromen - 3gatsu 9ka
#6. Tohoshiki - O
#7 Yamashita Tomihisa - Love song ---> this will be my fav song forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sob sob* choosing only 7 songs is really frustrating !! * gomen nasai NEWS an KAT-TUN*

muahah time to tag 7 people now :
_baa_ yotsumi cluvy happy_4ever kusanozaqt princessxia vanilla_azn_jpn
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