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Hi everyone!!

HOY ^__^ I'm a 21 and I come from France !!! I became totally crazy about JE, dramas and jmusic 2 year ago and since then, I've been downloading many things and killed my hardrive XD I've decided to create a LJ to share my fandoms and also a part of my life ^_^!!I'm crazy when it comes to certains things (especially yamapi *fangirling mode* he's so hot... *faints*)!! I'm a real chatterbox so be prepared for endless fangirling talks XD I'm eager to meet new people and share my fandoms so feel free to add me and we'll chat *goes happy*

I’m Tegoshi’s certified pillow ♥♥ —› He hugs me tightly to sleep every night!

My birthday is in the same month as Yamashita Tomohisa Photobucket

Thanks to venus_aurea for the layout <3